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Welcome To My Tea Shop

My tea shop is a place for special teas. no builders tea here so sorry!

I'm also a fan of chocolate and went on the hunt for chocolate tea, yes you did read that correctly tea made from chocolate. I can see all the builder's tea fans turning their nose up in horror.

However for myself this is my corner 


Quintessential British Tea

If you follow me on Twitter or YouTube you will be aware of how important random acts of kindness are to me. Also that I'm not a fan of traditions they have no place here when living the etiquette lifestyle

Etiquette for the way we life today

The art of gift giving and the happiness one feels. when they receive a thoughtful unexpected gift. With that said I'm keen to share the videos below to support Parkinson's UK 

A cup of tea could change your friends's life campaign

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The latest evolution in our 312-year tea history, our Sparkling Tea is a certified organic blend of eight of our famous and rare brews – and despite its celebration-ready appearance, contains zero alcohol.

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Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum & Mason is the ultimate destination for unique gifts such as hampers, and the elegance of their famous teas

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A cup of tea could change your friend's life

Parkinson's is a complex brain condition – and everyone's Parkinson's is different. So you need the right advice and support for you.

I love this Parkinson UK campaign the idea of a simple cup of tea - sometimes just a small thing can make a big difference to your life.

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We Know Calcium is good for our bones 

However are you aware of it's effect on your brain?

We lean't as a small child milk with it's calcium is good for us. One generation even had their milk taken away from the at school and it made headline news People did not feel happy about this. Calcium as a component of dairy products that helps keep our teeth along with our bones healthy.

Having suffered over the last 4yrs with bone pain, my bone health is very important to me if you feel the same. Please take into consideration Parkinson’s, studies over last decade that shown what conditions are more likely to have a lower bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis and put people at risk of fractures. 

I'm also very keen to look after my brain health read Dr Beckie Port thought proving report below. 

You follow Dr Beckie Port on Twitter here>>

Dr Beckie Port Report

Milk Alternatives

I am enjoying  milk alternatives they are perfect for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. In my tea shop you can choose from a wide range of different ‘milks’ such as almond, soya, oat and you know how much I love coconut, so do try some new milk today. They are calcium enriched drinks along with delicious flavoured choices.

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Did You Know That You're Make Tea Wrong

There is so much choice when it comes to tea. here's how to enjoy your tea and to find out how to make a correct cup of tea byTwinnings Tea 

Gift Bags, Stylish Cups & Chocolate Tea

My tea shop has a collection of the world's best loved recipes of scrumptious teas with each mouthfuls of chocolate deliciousnes from Twinings!

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