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Etiquette In The Community

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Here you will find etiquette in the community for the way we live today.

Using Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Food & Lifestyle Topics

All With The Aim Of Growing You're Personal Brand

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VIP Etiquette UK Membership

I am delighted to announce the launch of VIP Etiquette UK Membership. I look forward to you joining like-minded HSP members a supportive group of of creative ladies In search of social etiquette for more details press the link below 

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Social Events Season

Time Management

Etiquette For Ladies

I Help You Elevate Your Personal & Professional Life:

Using Timeless British Etiquette Values.

Online course. Enjoy a free trial

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Etiquette For Men

I Help You Elevate Your Personal & Professional Life: To support you, your family and your community

Online course. Enjoy a free trial

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Etiquette VIP Membership

I help you , your family and your community live  The Etiquette Lifestyle

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Ladylike Beauty

Feminine Elegant Ladylike British Values

Feminine Elegant Ladylike British Values Waiting For You!

Welcome to the Etiquette VIP Membership Club. This is a community of ladies who are ready to enjoy a new way of life, Feminine Elegant Ladylike British Values. Start your British Lady V&L Course and begin your transformation today more details here

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Don't Miss Out On Luxury Self-care Products! 

When finance is limited one of the first things to go are our luxury items. However I do not feel this should be the case, Self-Care is one of the things you should NEVER compromise on. I've put together a package that will solve this problem for you. While protecting your mental health with self-care. This is your chance to join an amazing club of like-minded feminine friends with a way to help yourself, your friends or your community with just £3 

Helping them stay happy and think wow! When they receive their  £50 worth of  luxury self care products in the post at this time from you.

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Join The Community For Our 11 am Tea or Hot Chocolate Break!

Zoom Videos

Have You Smiled Today!?

Watch the video to find out how you benefit from smiling

Along with tips to help you smile 

Right Now!

Are You Using Zoom?

Do you love period dramas, we are all part of a historical drama find out what role you can play when you watch the video. Along with how you can help your friends, family and your community at home.

Do You Know Who Should Pay On A Dinner Date? This Video Has The Answer!

All Beauty Related Videos Will Now Be On 

Beauty by SLD Channel 

View  Beauty Videos Here>>

Not Ready To Start A Course Yet

Would you like to know a little more before you begin a course?

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When You Work On Etiquette & Kindness

You can make everyone feel like a someone!

Try It For Yourself Here>

Say "Thank You" In Style!

A Way To Grow Your Personal Brand With The Art Of 


 It's a super way of showing gratitude & kindness for any gifts you have received.

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Business Etiquette For Lady Start Ups!

“Always have your end goal in mind and every day make sure your working towards it"

Spend time with people who have achieved the goals you have. Along with ladies who value your goals and you have an utterly delightful day with!

Look after your mental health and take regular breaks link below, Self care, self love.

First Video In 2020!

More Videos

This season I'm on a mission to bring people 💕 together! #TogetherStronger 🕴️‍♀️🍰💃 #Dining 🍴 Etiquette inspiration with the power of chocolate!  Which will include luxury chocolate. Starting with Divine Chocolate who have a full range of chocolate SHOP HERE

The seasonality of death —  Sadly more deaths occur in the winter, well-established public health record reveals that January is a high period followed by March. Please do take special care of  your elderly family, friends, neighbours, anyone you know with mental health problems, vulnerable adults & older people living along at this time. 

Ladylike Beauty Videos



Learn The Art of Effective communications 

Etiquette effects every area of your life business, family, friends theses relationships cannot grow well without kind communication

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Try New Hobbies In 2020

From Golf Etiquette To Breakfast inspiration for The Solopreneur #GirlBoss #BossLady Manager, Team Leader #womenintech Along With New Hobbies for 2019!

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Hello I'm Sonya Lee Davies, I'm super delighted that You are visiting my blog

Please do have a look around. Thank You!

Speciality Teas

Speciality Tea Shop & Charity Support

Come and join me for a luxury cup of tea the best chocolate teas, organic teas try something a little different with my selection of teas

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Being Different is Beautiful

Everyone has beauty, however not

Everyone is able to see it!

Give the gift of paying someone a compliment today! 

A New Age of  Elegance 

Stylish outfits for Ladies & Gentlemen

Tasteful food for health and wellness

Gift Ideas along with Free Gifts for Him & Her. 

Be part of the gift giving mindset & random acts of kindness community

My new blog, hope you enjoy your time here! Beauty, Nutrition, Lifstyle

Duke of Sussex

Over the years Prince Harry has change his style. Watch the video above and enjoy his stylish suits, day wear, sportswear. If you would like help with styling take action here


Brands I've Partnered with This Year 

To see the brands I've partnered with this year pop down to the bottom of this page.



Love working with beauty,  healthy eating, fashion & lifestyle brands. Do get in-touch, if you would like to introduce your brand to my gift giving community - Click here to get in touch


Community Groups

Here at etiquetteuk I offer a FREE group talk on etiquette in the community - How beauty, good food and fashion play a big part in helping people overcome ill health in the community

- Click here to get in touch

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel 

Thank You!


 If you have health concerns such has low energy, Vitamin D deficiency, Coeliac , Alopecia or you've lost a loved one.  Join my healthy living mindset community to find out how I use beauty tips, mood boosting meal ideas, events and  free gifts to turn my life around.


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Take A Look


Take A Look

Enjoy food that boost your mood

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Paris Fashion Show inspired from Chanel
Gift Giving for Work, Rest & Play
 Book time for investing in yourself

 Love hearing from you

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Nottingham, England

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